14 Day Weight Loss Healthy Eating Meal Plan (with Recipes!)

  Get a Flat Belly Now! Have you always wanted to eat healthier and lose weight but haven’t had a simple-to-follow meal plan to make it happen? Well worry no more, your friends at Good EATS Meal Plans have hand-picked 14 weight loss healthy eating meals to guide you along your journey. Try to do any combination…

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Alkaline Water; Does it Live Up to the Hype?

If you have spoken to someone drinking water out of a large glass bottle, they have probably told you how amazing alkaline water is and that you have to try it. When you ask if it tastes different, they respond “no,” but then proceed to tell you there are numerous health benefits anywhere from being…

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What are the different kinds of meal plans

The food we ingest fuels our body and our ability to function daily. To be the best version of ourselves, we must be mindful of what we eat by making an active effort to make healthy choices. Healthy eating isn’t limited to an overly strict diet or depriving yourself of the foods you enjoy for…

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Five Foods For Energy Now

Do you find yourself at work trying to power through the day? Small 150- 200 calorie snacks can be the key to replenishing your energy between meals. Next time you’re feeling that midday slump, skip the coffee and try these 5 healthy foods for a quick boost. Bananas Rich in natural sugars, bananas pack a powerful…

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