I've been a multi club owner for over 20 years. In that time, I found it frustrating watching members sign up with us and quit after a month because they were not getting the type of results that they expected, or were not achieving them fast enough. I quickly acknowledged the fact that nutrition is the single most important component in getting those desired results. Even with a personal trainer, nutrition is 80% of the equation. Good EATS™ was created based on my frustration of the 7% succession rate I experienced with members joining the gym for their first time. That's right… only 7 of 100 people stay at the gym and the rest typically never work out again. My clients over those 20 years became more like family and we really wanted to help them, not to mention increase retention in the gyms. So we opened a cafe and brought in a franchise that claimed to serve healthy meals. After our customers complained with health concerns regarding the food, we hired an independent nutritionist to find not one item on the menu was by FDA standard “healthy”. We forged ahead and built our own brand; Good EATS™. Before we knew it members had us cooking their full day of meals and finally their full week of meals! Next thing you know it, we had 250 members on the plan who were getting RESULTS. Anyone who is steadfast in this industry can tell you how exhilarating and motivating it is when a member loses fifty or a hundred pounds, sits in front of you, cries and hugs you. That emotion became the driving factor in bringing Good EATS™ to a national audience. I want to bring that same drive and passion in helping members succeed to other clubs throughout the country. I'm proud of the fact that our brand is built on integrity and started from member necessity and their determination to succeed. The missing ingredient was always in the creation of a true, total body solution partnering fitness and nutrition to guarantee member results.” Paul Riedel – Creator and CEO of Good Eats

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The Good EATS™ meal program ensures that you don’t have to worry about grocery shopping, planning out meals, cooking or even cleaning in some situations! Also, and perhaps most importantly, the meals that are prepared by our professional chefs have been developed by a nutritionist meaning you can rest assured that you are eating the most high quality ingredients with none of the bad stuff.


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