What is the Good EATS Program?

The Good EATS  meal plan ensures that you don’t have to worry about grocery shopping, planning out meals, cooking or even cleaning in some situations! Also, and perhaps most importantly, the meals that are prepared by our professional chefs have been developed by a nutritionist meaning you can rest assured that you are eating the most high quality ingredients with none of the bad stuff.

Customer Testimonials

100+ lb Weight Loss in My Family!

Family combined has lost over 100 lbs.

I was hesitant to start the Good Eats program but was willing to give it a shot because my wife and daughter wanted to do it with me. Together as a family we have lost over 100 pounds, with 38 pounds coming from my own success. I was able to donate my kidney to my brother this summer. The day after the transplant my brother’s creatinine levels were already the same as someone with two healthy kidneys. Thank you Good Eats!

Ken G.

I’m Loving The Plan So Far

I’ve been on the plan for four weeks and although I have only lost 5 pounds so far, I have lost 8 inches! The food is delicious and I’m excited to receive my food every week. Can’t wait to see my progress in a few weeks!

Ronnie K.

Lost Over 100 Pounds!

Years of bad eating habits, yoyo dieting, left me obese out of shape and unhealthy. Didn’t know how to lose 10 lbs. much less the 100 + pounds I needed to. Couldn’t walk up a flight of stairs without being winded. I suffered from acid reflux, irritable bowel syndrome, had night sweats, and bloating. She was diagnosed hyperinsulinism and high blood pressure. After a few weeks of being on the Good EATS Meal Plan program I was no longer bloated, had more energy and “stopped popping Pepcid AC like it was candy”. I started sleeping through the night, my blood pressure went down, and now not only can I walk up stairs without panting, but I can run up them.

Laura R

Losing Weight and Feeling Great

I’ve made a lot of progress on my weight loss journey thanks to Good Eats!


I’ve Lost 50+ Pounds so Far

Danielle M.

30lbs Down in 9 Weeks


Lost 12lbs in a Month!

I have been a client at the gym for a while now but barely ever worked out. This year, I finally got serious about losing weight & getting healthy.  I was introduced to Liz, who got me started on the Good Eats program, which I did for a month.  Liz was professional, and caring, and I lost 12lbs in a month!

Andrea K.

60+ Pounds Down!

I’m down over 60 lbs since I started my journey. I can’t thank enough my great trainer who is still pushing me to go further and further every day. And I absolutely can’t forget about Good Eats and their delicious meal plans either!

Lisa B.

59 Years Old and I’ve Lost 65 Pounds

I was diagnosed with congestive heart failure, I was borderline diabetic, and I had high blood pressure and a pacemaker. Since being on Good EATS Meal Plan Program, I have lost 65 pounds, I no longer have congestive heart failure, am no longer classified as pre-diabetic, I have normal blood pressureAND I have had my pace maker turned off! I also no longer have to take Lazix, and was able to cut my dosage of beta-blockers in half.

Michael J.

I’ve Never Felt Better

Thank you Good Eats!

Ashley C.

Loving The New Me

With exercising and the Good Eats Meal plan, I have seen results that I didn’t think were possible.

Lisa M.