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What is the Good EATS™ Program?

The Good EATS™ Program is a meal plan program that provides clients with portion controlled meals to help them reach their fitness and health goals. Offering different programs to accommodate various lifestyles, we always stand behind simple principles of fresh food, never frozen or made with added preservatives. Clients have changed their lives using our programs; by not only losing weight, but by diminishing the need for heart medication, lowering cholesterol, altering blood glucose levels, and naturally increasing energy levels.

What is the BEST thing about Good EATS™ Meals?

The ability to stay consistent with your diet with out having to worry about meal prep! The hardest part of dieting is being prepared with a healthy meal when hunger strikes. With Good EATS you are setting yourself to be successful without having to do any extra work!

Why is Good EATS™ different from other meal plans?

This is not a quick fix diet. Each plan is based off your individual goal and caloric intake needs to guarantee the best plan for you. Our meals are made in a USDA Kitchen, so not only can you lose weight but this program has been designed with your health in mind. Our current menu has over 30 different options that can combined to make an individualized meal plan.

How is the food prepared?

Our products have been designed with quality in mind. Our menu items are prepared in a USDA certified kitchen, where they are prepared with the freshest ingredients and kept fresh by removing the oxygen
and replacing it with a carbon dioxide, nitrogen mix. Keeping portions consistent and creating a longer shelf life without adding preservatives is something we are proud to supply for our customers. Our program is designed around the 5 pillars of health; lean protein, healthy fats, complex carbohydrates,
low sodium, & fresh fruit and vegetables.

How do I get meals?

We deliver meals directly to your home via FedEx on Saturday. Delivery times vary depending on location but you will receive a shipping confirmation email and tracking number via email on the Saturday your food is scheduled to arrive.

What happens if I’m not home when the food is delivered?

Our recyclable and biodegradable packaging is packed with 5 pounds of ice, to keep your food
fresh for up to 24 hours after if has been delivered from FedEx.



What is the Good EATS™ Xtreme Program?

This Xtreme program is a jump start diet for clients to achieve their weight loss goals.
We’ve stuck to the principles of Good EATS™ Meal Plans; Supplying clients with fresh
nutrient dense food, free of preservatives and never frozen. Still good for your body and
your health, but 3X the results. This diet includes a preset menu of Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner,
1 snack, and 1 GE shake for 5 days a week. This plan is recommended for a minimum
of 3 weeks followed by one of our lifestyle plans.

Why is Good EATS™ Xtreme different from other meal plans?

The Macro nutrient profile of the GE Xtreme Plan, matched with the GE KETO Shake
makes our plan the absolute limit of natural results. Still backed by Registered Dietitians;
we took the Lifestyle Meal plan and created a pre-set, caloric controlled, low carb diet
to jump start clients’ results. With the lifestyle plans we have seen clients loose 1-2lbs
each week, with the Xtreme program we have seen clients loose 5-7lbs per week!

How much weight can I expect to lose on this program? How much weight will I lose
on the lifestyle plan? Each client has a different weight loss goal and starting point but
from other clients’ success with the program, the average weight loss was from 5-7lbs
each week. One Xtreme client lost 51 pounds in 6 weeks on the program, while another
lost 11 pounds in their first week!

How many days a week is the Xtreme program?

The Xtreme program is designed to be a 5-day program but can be made
into a 7-day program by request.

What do I do on the weekends?

The weekend is all about focusing on your new habits you are practicing during the
week. Small frequent meals; high in protein, low in carbs, and have moderate healthy
fats are the key to staying on track during the week. Just like our lifestyle program
we encourage this way of eating to be a new way of life not just a temporary quick fix.


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