Nutritionist working with the Good EATS

Liz Keller, the Head Nutritionist at Good EATS Nutrition Solutions, is a native of Massapequa NY and an avid Exercise Enthusiast. Liz completed her Bachelor’s Degree in Nutrition and Dietetics from CUNY Queens College in 2016, her first Degree was earned in Sociology from SUNY Cortland years earlier.

Growing up, Liz was somewhat of a picky eater but always had a BIG appetite. She realized after high school, her quick metabolism wasn’t going to last forever. The idea of changing her diet and lifestyle sparked her interest in nutrition. The change in direction, and further education, was also spurred from a passion to not only mentor, coach, support, and help her community, but to do so with a specialization on the way Nutrition affects our daily lives.

Her specialty is solving nutritional pitfalls caused by poor lifestyle habits, or constraints on time, money, and resources that may lead to failure. The Good EATS Coaching Process was driven by her strong understanding of the effects of nutrition on our body as it pertains to weight loss and weight gain, and the true underlying inhibiting factors of our success. Her certification as a Personal Trainer helped her understand the struggles to incorporate nutrition into your routine to stay healthy and succeed in the gym.

While working as a nutritional counselor for a different diet program, she started eating at the Good EATS™ Bistro. Loving the concept of healthy meals prepared fresh without added sodium or excess fats and sugar that she did not have to actually cook herself, she wanted to see if there was a place for her working with the meal plan program. Fast forward a few short years later, she is now the Director of Nutrition, Sales, and Programming helping develop the program to what is it today.

Liz’s main focus is to ensure the satisfaction and success of each Good EATS™ client. As Head Nutritionist, she is constantly working on new recipe ideas and ways for the Good EATS™ coaches to help their clients get the results they are looking for. She believes in trying to prevent disease through diet and exercise, and not waiting to treat it with medication. She loves that with the Good EATS™ program she can help people achieve a better quality of life while also making healthy eating more convenient to fit into a busy lifestyle.