First time gym members Reach their goals only 7% of the time.

First time gym members Reach their goals only 7% of the time.

90% quit the gym altogether. With our nutrition program added to the equation we guarantee your success. Good Eats Meal Plan meals cost no more than you are currently spending for a week of meals eating out and getting groceries. So quit the excuses, learn to eat better and start seeing results.


I didn’t know how to lose 10 pounds let alone 100! I couldn’t even walk up a flight of stairs. After a few weeks of being on the Good EATS Meal Plan program, I was no longer bloated, I have more energy, my blood pressure went down, and not only can I walk up stairs, I can run up them.

Laura R.

With Good Eats & Personal Trainer Support


I've tried diets of all kinds and attempted making my own meals all while hitting the gym hard day in and out. While I started to see some results on the scale my mind and body just didn't feel there. My Zumba instructor recommended Good Eats Meal Plans and within weeks I was feeling like a new person. I never knew how to properly balance my diet and was always scared of what goes into those store bought "healthy" meals. The meals are always fresh and I get excited for my next meal!

Racheal S

Attends 3 Group Fitness Classes Per Week


I gained a lot of weight while building my family and a life around them. As any great mother and wife would do, I put them first. Exercise was the easy part. 99% of the struggle was just showing up to the gym. The hard past was meal prep and eating a the right food. Food temptation was hard for me. Good Eats Meal Program preps your meals from start to finish. I stopped worrying about what was at the end of my fork because I had a great team delivering meals right to my doorstep. Thank you for helping me along my weight loss journey!


Has Been on the Program For Two Years


I trained with a Personal Trainer at my health club for over a year but we were missing something. She told me about Good Eats Meal Plans and I was hooked. The meal program is great. Every meal comes delivered to my doorstep same time every week like clock work. The food is always fresh and I haven't found a meal I did not like yet. So far I've lost a good amount of weight and I am excited to reach my target weight in the coming months.


Trains 3 Times Per Week With a Personal Trainer


I work non stop and am always on the go because of it. Its hard keeping up with my workload and home life let alone my health and nutrition! But Good Eats has helped me keep to a strict nutrition program. I simply grab my meals for the day out of the fridge and head to work. They make it extremely easy to stay focused achieving your goal weight. It helps that the food is delicious too!

Tanya R.

Averaged 232 Club Check in's Last Year


Michael has a pacemaker, was diagnosed with congestive heart failure, borderline diabetic, and high blood pressure. I lost 65 pounds, I no longer have congestive heart failure, I’m no longer per-diabetic, my blood pressure is normal and I’ve had my pace maker turned off! I no longer have to take Lazix, and I cut my dosage of beta-blockers in half.

Micheal J.

Turned Off My Pace Maker


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